How to get around in Denver


Denver, the vibrant city known for its lively arts and music scene, is a destination you don't want to miss. With its abundance of good restaurants, better bars, and a whole range of exciting activities, exploring the city is a must. And guess what? Denver makes it easy for you with its extensive public transport options and well-connected downtown area. Whether you prefer traveling on foot, biking, hopping on a mechanized scooter, or catching a cab, getting around Colorado's capital is a breeze. Plus, with its stunning bike paths and parks, cycling is definitely a fantastic way to uncover the city's hidden gems. So get ready to dive into the wonders that Denver has to offer!

Public Transportation in Denver


Denver, the capital of Colorado, is a city that offers a plethora of attractions and activities. From its vibrant arts and music scene to its fantastic restaurants and lively bars, there is so much to explore and enjoy in this city. And the best part? Getting around Denver is a breeze! With its extensive public transportation system, bike-friendly paths, and pedestrian-friendly areas, navigating your way through the city is a piece of cake.

Let's start with the RTD rail system, which operates in Denver and connects more than 50 stations throughout the metro area and surrounding cities. Whether you want to visit popular spots like Boulder, Longmont, or Aurora, or simply explore different neighborhoods within Denver itself, the RTD rail system has got you covered. Plus, it even runs from Denver International Airport, making it a convenient and affordable option for travelers.

If you prefer buses, Denver's bus system is another great choice. The Regional Transportation District (RTD) operates an extensive network of buses that covers the entire city. Whether you're traveling within downtown Denver or venturing to the outskirts, you'll find buses that can take you everywhere you want to go. And the best part? You can carry your bike along too! With a free permit that you can download online, riding the bus and biking around the city is a breeze.

Speaking of bikes, Denver is a bike-friendly city with a wide range of bike sharing services available. Rental bicycles are widely available, and companies like Lyft and Lime dominate the city's bike-share market. So, if you're in the mood to explore the city on two wheels, hop on a bike and pedal your way through Denver's beautiful streets and bike paths. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the city's regulations and know where you can and can't ride your bike.

If walking is more your style, you're in luck! Denver boasts numerous pedestrian-friendly areas, making it easy to get around on foot. The downtown area, in particular, is well-designed for pedestrians, with wide sidewalks, tree-lined streets, and plenty of crosswalks. So, put on your walking shoes, soak in the vibrant atmosphere, and explore the city at your own pace.

In a nutshell, Denver offers a variety of options for getting around. From the RTD rail system and bus network to bike sharing services and pedestrian-friendly areas, you'll have no trouble exploring this city. So, whether you're a fan of public transportation, love biking, or enjoy strolling through the streets, Denver has something for everyone. Get ready to embark on an adventure and discover all that this amazing city has to offer!

Driving in Denver


Renting a car in Denver, Colorado is a great idea if you want to explore the stunning Rocky Mountains and embrace your inner adventurer. With a rental car, you'll have the freedom to go wherever your heart desires, as long as there's a road that leads you there. Plus, who doesn't enjoy the thrill of navigating through unfamiliar streets and dodging aggressive drivers?

When it comes to renting a car in Denver, there are plenty of options available. You can choose from a wide range of rental companies, each offering their own selection of vehicles to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a compact car, an SUV, or a shiny convertible to show off your fabulous hair, you'll find it all in Denver.

Now, let's talk about exploring the Rocky Mountains. This natural wonderland is just a short drive away from Denver, and having a car will make it a breeze to immerse yourself in its breathtaking beauty. From the dramatic vistas of Rocky Mountain National Park to the charming mountain towns like Boulder and Aspen, there's something for everyone.

Just imagine cruising along the scenic roads, with the wind in your hair and the majestic mountains as your backdrop. You'll have the flexibility to stop whenever and wherever you please, whether it's to capture that perfect Instagram-worthy photo or to stuff your face with delicious mountain grub.

But before you embark on your mountain adventure, make sure to check the weather conditions and road closures. The Rocky Mountains can be quite unpredictable, and you wouldn't want to get caught in a snowstorm without proper gear or end up stranded on a closed mountain pass. So, do your research, pack appropriately, and always be prepared for the unexpected.

Remember, driving in Denver is not just about getting from point A to point B. It's about embracing the thrill of the open road, taking in the natural wonders around you, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. So, buckle up, put on your favorite road trip playlist, and get ready for the ride of your life in the beautiful state of Colorado.

Alternative Modes of Transportation


If you're looking for some unique modes of transportation in Denver, you're in for a treat! Forget the boring buses and trains, because we've got something way more exciting for you.

Let's start with pedicabs. Imagine hopping on a tricycle and having a chauffeur pedal you around downtown and LoDo. It's like being treated like royalty while enjoying the fresh air. And the best part? Most pedicab riders pedal for tips, so you can feel good about supporting local pedal-power entrepreneurs. Plus, it's a fun and practical mode of green transportation.

Now, let's talk about the Free MallRide Bus. Yes, you read that right, FREE! This bus runs along the famous 16th Street Mall, which is a hub of activity in Denver. Hop on and off as you please, explore the various shops and restaurants, and take in the vibrant atmosphere of the city. It's a convenient and cost-effective way to get around, and did we mention it's free?

So, whether you're up for a pedicab adventure or want to explore the city on a free bus, Denver has some alternative transportation options that will make your trip even more memorable. Don't settle for the ordinary when you can ride in style and experience the city from a whole new perspective. Hop on a pedicab or catch the Free MallRide Bus, and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the lively streets of Denver.


And there you have it, folks! Our adventure in Denver has come to an end. We've covered everything from public transportation and driving to alternative modes of transportation. Now it's up to you to decide how you'll get around in this vibrant city. Just remember, whether you choose to bike, walk, drive, or ride a pedicab, the most important thing is to have fun and embrace the unique experiences that Denver has to offer. Until the next adventure, safe travels!

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