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Having a retaining wall added to your property comes with many advantages. Not only will it help prevent soil erosion, but it will also make your property safer while making it more attractive that will surely catch the eyes of your neighbors and other onlookers.

However, retaining walls need to be constructed carefully, as there is always the possibility of it failing once it was done haphazardly. To avoid this from happening, the wisest thing to do is get a professional contractor to do the work for your retaining wall. And this is where we can help you.


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We have years of experience building retaining walls

Do you have a property in Denver and are currently looking for a masonry contractor that has a proven experience with constructing retaining walls?

We are the leading company in Colorado that has been constructing retaining walls for residential and commercial properties around the area. If you see a beautiful wall around your neighborhood, there is a huge chance that it was built by our crew.  Call us today at (720) 650-0995.

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Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls do best in areas that require minimal or medium support. If your property is sloped, or has tons of soil, this type of retaining wall may not be your best choice. However, if you only need a retaining wall that will be around 3 meters, then this type of walll would be enough for the purpose.

Clients often ask for a gravity retaining wall for landscaping purposes, and some also use it for decorating their garden. Gravity walls only rely on their own weight and can be made of various materials such as brick, stone, and concrete. They would be great in places that do not have lots of space as it can be used for division and segmentation of land.

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Cantilever Retaining Walls

Cantilevered retaining walls are requested when there is a need to resist lateral pressure that comes from the soil. Due to its added support, they can be used in bigger projects such as in highways and bridges.

When a client needs a cantilevered retaining wall, they should know that this particular type requires more planning and technique in construction compared to a gravity retaining wall, which is why a licensed masonry contractor such as our crew will be necessary for safety.

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Reinforced Retaining Walls

Due to the reason that retaining walls must absolutely be rigid and durable, it can be made in a way that it will be more reliable. This is possible by reinforcing it with masonry, usually with concrete, so that it will have an improved stability and increased strength. When this is done, it will make the retaining wall be able to carry more weight.

Our crew reinforces a retaining wall usually by adding footing to the base of the wall or by adding more concrete to make it thicker, however, this would depend on the wall and the area that it will be constructed in.


Anchored Retaining Walls

Anchored retaining walls are usually constructed in places that require a thinner wall, as they can be fitted in with anchors to add support. Constructing an anchored retaining wall will absolutely need a professional, as the proper method and technique must be observed to make sure that it will be functional and will last for a long time.

If your property has an extremely loose soil, the retaining wall that should be constructed must have a tieback while also using cables and rods to keep it from overturning.

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Buttressed Retaining Walls

Buttressed retaining walls are also called a counter fort wall that provides added tension to the other parts of the wall, which are called the slabs. This type of retaining wall makes use of the cantilevered walls as it will be connected to the toe to make the wall more rigid.

Commercial properties and government projects usually have the need for a buttressed retaining wall, as it is designed to hold backfill and other lateral pressure on a larger scale.

gabion fence wall construction from steel mesh with stones in Denver by Denver Retaining Wall Pros

Piling Retaining Walls

When our team constructs a piling retaining wall, it is usually done by using long piles of the material that was chosen by the client, and piling them on top of each other, hence its name. For this type of retaining wall, the most common material is sheets that are made of steel or concrete.

This can be constructed for long time use or for a temporary project, and is often placed in construction sites.

Our Company Values

With our years of experience, we have done countless projects of every type of retaining wall, and we can definitely and humbly say that we are good at our jobs. We value:

Integrity & Reliability

We are honest workers who will do the job the way we promised. We understand how important it is to make do of our guarantees, and we make it a point to never disappoint a client.


We will not waste anyone’s time, just like how we value our own.

Fair Pricing

It is important for us to set a price that is reasonable with the work we do. It is not our manner to surprise clients with hidden fees that are not included in our computation.

Professional Relationships

We have worked with many clients who were very satisfied with our work and have been contacting us for other masonry jobs.

Services We Offer

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    Need help planning which type of wall you need?  We can provide suggestions on which type of wall would work best.

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    We'll help design the perfect wall for your property using different design elements and functionality.

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    We can create stunning walls with nearly any natural material. Our walls are built to last decades to come!

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Residential retaining wall contractor in Denver

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What Previous Customers Have To Say:

Jessica M - Landscape Wall

You can tell they've done this many times before.  They were very on top of things and extremely informative.  I needed a retaining wall in my back yard and they were able to complete it without any issues and on time.  They designed everything and helped me choose the material.  Thanks for your guidance!

Nicole L.

Our company was looking for a new "face lift" as you enter our property.  We decided to go with a  layered retaining wall with flower beds and trees.  Your attention to detail was very appreciated and we are beyond satisfied with the look of our new entryway!

George P.

They have the crew and equipment to get the big jobs done too.  Working with them has been great because they are very aware of deadlines and budgets.  If they can't do something they will always let me know in advance instead of just trying to win the job.

Start the construction of your retaining wall.

For a property owner who is looking for a way to make your area more attractive, safe, and for it to increase its value, investing in the construction of a retaining wall would be a great choice.

All you have to do is give us a call at our work number, or fill out our online contact form. It does not matter if your project is big or small, our crew will always provide quality work.

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