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Residential & Commercial Retaining Wall Construction in the Denver Colorado area

Retaining Wall Pros of Denver has extensive experience constructing walls throughout the Denver metro. Adding a wall to your property has many advantages, mainly preventing soil erosion and the movement of Earth, but they also have an aesthetic appeal that's hard to match.

On the other hand, retaining walls shouldn't be built by just anyone willing to provide their services, they need to be built carefully since they can fail if done incorrectly. This is where you need to engage a competent team of retaining wall contractors who are experienced and have the necessary equipment to get the job done properly. As a local company, we're available to help with any of your hardscaping needs.


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We have years of experience in wall construction

Do you own a home within metro Denver and are currently looking for a hardscape contractor with proven experience constructing functional and beautiful walls?

Consider our team to help with any of your outdoor hardscaping projects. Collectively, we have decades of experience and can adequately handle projects of any size - both residential and commercial. If you see a beautiful wall around your neighborhood, there is a chance that it was built us.  Call us today at (720) 650-0995 and use our retaining wall services to bring your vision to life.

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Hiring The Right Retaining Wall Company for your needs: Why It Matters

Picture this: You decide to build a wall by yourself or hire an inexperienced contractor. What could go wrong? Well, plenty! We've seen many DIY disasters and inexperienced builders create costly retaining wall repair problems.  The most common problem we see with retaining walls is their lack of drainage. This causes pressure to build up against the wall and ultimately causes buckling and collapse. This can be a very costly problem, which is why we recommend not using second-tier hardscaping services.Professional contractors bring experience, knowledge, and a team of experts to your project. They ensure that the wall is built correctly, adheres to local regulations, and stands the test of time.

How to choose the right contractor

Here are some tips for finding the right retaining wall contractor in Denver Colorado:

Types of Backyard Walls

Walls can be built using a wide range of materials, each one having its pros and cons. Here are some of the more popular materials to consider:

corner joint of block retaining wall built in denver

concrete retaining wall

A concrete retaining wall offers exceptional durability, and resists the pressures of soil and water. They're also highly versatile, allowing for various design options and finishes, making them suitable for both functional and aesthetic purposes. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance, making them a cost-effective long-term solution for preventing erosion, creating level spaces, and enhancing the overall stability and appearance of your landscape.

curved stone retaining wall made without mortar

Stone retaining wall

Stone retaining walls are an excellent choice for your landscaping needs. These natural wonders excel at soil retaining, ensuring that your property stays stable and erosion-free. Beyond their practicality, natural stone walls also add a touch of timeless elegance to your landscape. Their rugged charm can transform your outdoor space into a picturesque haven. Whether you're building a wall retaining a hillside or creating terraced gardens, stone walls bring durability and beauty to your project, making them a smart and visually pleasing option for your landscaping endeavors.

wooden railroad tie retaining wall built new in denver

Railroad tie walls

Railroad tie retaining walls offer a unique and budget-friendly option for your landscaping turf. These sturdy, weathered wood ties can add a rustic charm to your outdoor space. Their ease of installation makes them an attractive choice for DIY enthusiasts or those looking for a quick and efficient landscaping solution. Railroad tie walls provide reliable support for soil retention, preventing erosion and creating level spaces for gardens or pathways. Their affordability and straightforward installation make them an accessible choice for anyone looking to enhance their landscape without breaking the bank.

block wall on the sloped side of a home near denver co

Block walls

Block walls offer a fantastic option for your landscaping needs. These versatile wall blocks are known for their ease of installation, making them a popular choice for DIY enthusiasts as well as professional landscapers. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from, block walls can be tailored to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Beyond their attractive appearance, these walls provide reliable structural support for soil retention and preventing erosion. Their affordability, durability, and straightforward installation make block retaining walls a practical and visually appealing choice for enhancing outdoor spaces in the Denver market.

Our Company Values

Integrity & Reliability

We are honest workers who will do the job the way we promised. We understand how important it is to make do of our guarantees, and we make it a point to never disappoint a client.

Fair Pricing

It is important for us to set a price that is reasonable with the work we do. It is not our manner to surprise clients with hidden fees that are not included in our computation.

Professional Relationships

We have worked with many clients who were very satisfied with our work and have been contacting us for other masonry jobs.

Services We Offer

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    Need help planning which type of wall you need?  We can provide suggestions on which type of wall would work best.

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    We'll help design the perfect wall for your home using different design elements and functionality.

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    We can create stunning walls with nearly any natural material. Our walls are built to last decades to come!

Markets We Serve

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Residential Installation

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Construction Site

What Previous Customers Have To Say:

Jessica M - Landscape Wall

You can tell they've done this many times before.  They were very on top of things and extremely informative.  I needed a retaining wall in my back yard and they were able to complete it without any issues and on time.  They designed everything and helped me choose the material.  Thanks for your guidance!

Nicole L.

Our company was looking for a new "face lift" as you enter our property.  We decided to go with a  layered retaining wall with flower beds and trees.  Your attention to detail was very appreciated and we are beyond satisfied with the look of our new entryway!

George P.

They have the crew and equipment to get the big jobs done too.  Working with them has been great because they are very aware of deadlines and budgets.  If they can't do something they will always let me know in advance instead of just trying to win the job.

Why Work With the Retaining Wall Pros of Denver?

We're a professional hardscape company that care about the quality of our work and we take tremendous pride in our installation services.

Whether aesthetic or functional, we understand there is a reason you want a wall built. From preventing soil that's gradually eroding to creating a more peaceful environment, a backyard retaining wall can accomplish both.

Allow us to help you improve your property. We're a good standing business with the BBB and we guarantee our workmanship.

Start the design and build of your new wall

For a property owner in metro Denver who is looking for a way to make your landscape more attractive, safe, and for it to increase its value, investing in the erection of a wall would be a great choice.

All you have to do is give us a call at our work number, or fill out our online contact form. It does not matter if your project is big or small, our crew will always provide quality work.

Positive Feedback From Our Previous Clients

We strive to make sure each and every client is 100% satisfied with their finished product before we consider our work done.

Whether it's a completely new retaining wall construction job or repair of an existing wall, we'll provide you with proper expectations before the work begins and continuous updates along the way.

Not only will your new wall do great at retaining soil, but it'll last many years and look amazing at the same time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a retaining wall in Denver, CO depends heavily on factors such as the size of the wall, the material you choose, and the complexity of the project. Here's a quick breakdown of typical materials and their associated cost ranges:

  • Concrete Blocks: $15 - $30 per square foot.
  • Poured Concrete: $30 - $40 per square foot.
  • Natural Stone: $25 - $40 per square foot.
  • Timber: $20 - $25 per square foot.

These are just estimates, and factors like labor, site accessibility, and the need for engineering can impact final costs. It's always best to get multiple quotes from contractors in the Denver area for a more accurate price tailored to your specific project.

Absolutely! Retaining walls need drainage to manage the water that naturally builds up behind them. Soil behind the wall absorbs water from rain or irrigation. This water creates hydrostatic pressure that can push against the wall, potentially causing bulging, leaning, or even collapse.

Proper drainage systems for a retaining wall include a perforated drainage pipe along the base, a layer of drainage gravel, and sometimes vertical weep holes in the wall itself. These work together to channel water away from the wall, relieving pressure and ensuring the wall's long-term stability.

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